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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to the Web Site for Emerald Forest Homeowners in San Antonio. This is your primary resource for all of our community information.

This site is not associated with the official Emerald Forest Homeowners Association. We, as owners want a true separation of homeowners and "management." We want to be able to voice our true opinions without censorship by the association, builders or anyone else. With that said, this Web Site exists with the full knowledge, cooperation and support of Roger Haynes and board members of The Emerald Forest Homeowners Association.

This is a private site and can only be viewed by approved members. This site is young and it is a work in progress. You must join to have access. Your application will have to be approved.

1) You MUST currently own or live in a home in Emerald Forest.

2) You must be over 21 years old.

3) It would help if you use your real name when you register for membership.

4) Use a valid email address that you check regularly.

We will have to verify your identity. We may call you at home to confirm your application if necessary, or send you an additional email with questions. We want to be certain that members are who they say they are. (This protects us all.)

To apply for membership, click on the REGISTER button on the left hand side. Fill out the required information and you will be contacted when you are approved. It should take no longer than 12 hours. We may have to call you from the number in the homeowner's phone directory to make confirmation if we don't already expect your arrival. Please be patient as we set up the site.


We want this to be a rich site with a wealth of community information and resources. We want to have a place where we can all share information that will help us enjoy our community and surrounding areas better. We want to assist in the safety of our community and help us all get to know each other a little bit better.


To make a post in the FORUMS - GO HERE:


  • Blog (give members their own hosted, full-featured blog)
  • Gallery (upload, manage, rate and comment images with categories)
  • Shoutbox (post messages in the style of a guestbook and display them globally in the header)
  • News (create, manage, rate and comment news articles with categories)
  • TopSite (upload, manage, and rate website link banners)
  • Reviews (create, manage, rate and comment reviews with categories)
  • Chat (chat online with other users directly from your portal)

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